Update on the bees

The Mike Test was performed on Friday evening and none of them seemed to notice that they were being mowed. Since they passed that test and I read a couple of university extension webpages that support Tony’s theory that the bees will leave (die) in the fall and probably not come back, I decided that they could stay. We would live peacefully with Mike’s friends the honey bees.

So Mike killed them. For real. He walked out there this morning and poured a bunch of acid down into Beetropolis. Can you believe it?

Ok, fine, that’s not actually the whole story. If anyone is to blame here, it’s the people who painted the concrete front steps. With house paint. After we scraped and scrubbed and got rid of all the loose stuff, we went to the hardware store to find some concrete paint. Turns out the concrete should be cleaned and etched prior to painting. And the etching involves acid. And the steps are right next to Beetropolis. Seems that bees don’t like to be etched.

Now I can’t take a picture of them to post here. Mike ruined everything.
(except for the steps. they are painted and look great.)

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One Response to Update on the bees

  1. Mike says:

    So, it turns out the bees are fine. I got called into the queen’s office and lectured about submerging the hive in hydrochloric acid, but they let me go with a warning this time.

    On the plus side, I’m hoping that the next batch of bees will have mutant superpowers.

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