Fun facts about bugs in my yard

I believe that I have blogged before about the Pretty, Pretty Princess and her dislike for laying in places where I think she should lay. Another of her odd habits is that she refuses to lay on the lawn when we are outside. She will find a sunny spot on the concrete an park her little doggy self there, but even when I force her to walk onto the lawn and lay down, she only stays until I tell her that she can get up. Yesterday I thought I would try again because she was in my way. We were scraping paint off of the front steps (concrete front steps. painted. I do not <3 the previous owners of this house. concrete steps should NOT be painted. but now we have to paint them again, because we can’t get all the paint off, just most of the paint off of some of the parts and now it looks even worse than it did before we started scraping. but, I digress, sorry. back to my other story) and the dog was in my way. I walked her onto the sunny spot in the lawn, told her “down” and “stay” and stepped back onto the front walk.

That’s when I heard the creepiest sound I have heard in a while. My lawn was buzzing. Loudly. And something was moving around under the grass. Freaked the dog right out, too. To her credit, she only looked at me with panic in her eyes and begged to be allowed to get away from the scary, scary lawn. But man, did she hop right to it when I told her she could get up. That’s when we found the bumblebees that live in our lawn. Underground bumblebees! No kidding! Mike has named it Beetroplis and he won’t let me spray anything on them or stuff lots of dirt into the hole that they kept climbing in and out. It’s pretty creepy to watch them wandering through the lawn and then disappearing underground. But he keeps saying something about all the bees in the world dying and he isn’t going to let me kill off the nice, friendly bees that are making honey in our front yard when soon they might be the only bees left on earth. I’m hoping he comes to his senses soon, but if he doesn’t and you happen to stop by our house, it’s really best to stay off the front lawn.

In fact, if the bees weren’t enough to convince you, there is another reason that the dog is right and the lawn is not for playing on. We sprayed a hornet’s nest and knocked it off the house yesterday afternoon (apparently they aren’t going extinct and they don’t make honey, so Mike is ok with the slaughtering of hornets). When we went outside this morning to see if Beetropolis was still buzzing, we discovered that the ants that live in our yard LOVE hornet’s nests. They were swarming all over the pieces of hornet nest that we scattered on the lawn. I am slightly curious what they were up to, but mostly I am horrified by the sheer number of swarming creatures in my yard. The dog and I are staying on the patio from now on.

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  1. MOM says:

    Don’t you remember the bees in Pennsylvania? You were playing outside on the swings and jumped off on the bees in the ground? They attacked and you, Jason and the neighbor kids got stung!!! It was horrible. I think a little spray would be good – wait until evening and empty the can down the hole!! Just do it when Mike isn’t looking. I don’t think I would like them in my yard. They might move to the back and then you couldn’t use your beautiful new furniture.

    Got to go. I have to do my bike training. I think just 6 miles this morning. But I’ll do them fast.

    Love, MOM

  2. Kim says:

    I remember hearing about someone stepping on a beehive, but I thought it was Dad. (though now that I think about it, I do remember getting stung…) And I always thought those were the scary bees that look angry whether or not you are bothering them, not the big, fuzzy, happy-looking bumblebees.

  3. Tony says:

    I think how you handle the situation depends on how aggressive your subterranean bumblebees are. If they are non-aggressive then keeping them there will actually reduce your chances of getting stung. Bees can be kinda territorial, so if your property is inhabited by nice bees then the mean ones will tend to stay away.

    I think the best test will be to send Mike out to mow the lawn. If he doesn’t get stung I think you should keep the bees.


  4. Johnny says:

    Oh man, hornets are nasty, nasty creatures. I need to find you a video on the interwebs of a group of like…30 hornets systematically slaughtering a hive of 30,000 bees. It’s stuff that only action movies(You know the ones… the ones where a group of 5 people take on an army of a billion and win) and war films are made of.

    Found the clip! if you would like to watch it… clearly it was done in a controlled environment, but those Hornets have a 7mm stinger and secrete venom that can dissolve human flesh, many Japanese die to them every year. (Something like 40 people die a year from these Hornets) Enjoy!

    Interestingly enough, the Japanese honey bee has found a defense against those big jerks.

    I pretty much forgot where I was going with this… but sharing weird information is cool! ^_^b

  5. Kim says:

    That is a creepy video. Thankfully, the nasty hornets are not living in my front yard. Beetropolis is home to the fat, fuzzy, happy bumblebees, similar to the ones being slaughtered in that video. I read one website that said the bumblebees are territorial and will attack if you step on them, but the dog was mostly on top of them and didn’t get stung. I guess I will have to use the Mike Lawnmowing test and see what happens. It was his idea to leave them there, so it’s only fair that he finds out if they are mean or not.

  6. Anciaux says:

    That video is SO wrong. If Pixar ever makes a horror film, that’s the Bug’s Life that should be made. I still have chills. Those hornets faces (and don’t correct me on whether that species have faces) are burned in my mind. Kill the bugs, kill them all!! My vote is for the Mike test.

  7. Mike says:

    The Mike test? What the yeti?

    Seriously though, the bees are perfectly friendly. They got a little huffy when I stopped by to ask if I could borrow a cup of honey, but otherwise diplomatic relations with beetropolis are going swimmingly. We recently traded recipes – they gave me a recipe for a lovely macaroni salad, and I gave them a picture of a koala bear with some scribbles on it (HAHA STUPID BEES CAN’T EVEN READ).

    Also, they’ve made me an honorary member of the hive! I am now dr8675309. I’m pretty sure the “dr” means “drone.” Neat!

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