New furniture!

There was a party at the Harris homestead last weekend, due to a surprising stretch of fabulous weather, some new outdoor furniture, and both sets of semi-out-of-town-friends being in town. Food was consumed, beverages were imbibed, and fun was had by all, even the little ones. As I predicted, my new outdoor firepit/table is the perfect height for the little ones to eat dinner standing up. Unfortunately, that means no fire in the pit unless the little ones are banished from the party. Here are some pictures (thanks, Jeff, for being the photographer! If you send me a couple of the ones from your camera, I would love to include those here also.)

Pretty new furniture. If only there was someone here to enjoy it.


more friends!

friends again!

OMG! They have ROCKS in the garden! She was very happy about the rocks. I am not happy about the rocks, and wouldn’t mind at all if Lily took them all home with her.

Conversation with a nearly-two year old.
Kaelin: Hi.
Me: Hi. Are those grapes good?
Kaelin: Yeah.
(he stands up and walks away)
Kaelin (over his shoulder): ok bye.


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