Oy! Again with the fighting!

Remember when I posted about my imaginary friends fighting? Well, it got better for a while and we had a grand ole time and made some good progress in our little game. But the drama returned. Or, more correctly, bubbled back to the surface after being smashed down for many weeks.

It’s so easy with the online stuff to say things more harshly than you would to someone looking you in the eye, and it’s also easy to misread and misunderstand what people are typing since you can’t hear them or see facial expressions and body language. I found myself wondering each night who would be the first to say something or do something that someone else would take the wrong way and get upset about. That sure does make the game less fun.

The cool kids were having even less fun than I was, apparently, because they planned an exodus while I sat around getting crabby. Last night about 10 of them quit our guild and formed their own. Mike and I joined them tonight. It was a rough decision and a long day today thinking about what that decision was going to mean. We’ve been playing with these folks for a while, and some of them are going to be pretty steamed that we left their guild to join the cool kids. But most of my favorite people have left the guild to join the new one, and I really do hate how the old one is being run and I am tired of the nastiness. I’m hoping that with the new, smaller guild, decisions will be made with more logic and less emotion and much less finger-pointing and name-calling. And most of all, I am hoping that we can continue to have fun together without all the drama!

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3 Responses to Oy! Again with the fighting!

  1. Johnny (Kag!) says:

    All your blogs are belong to me.

    Glad to have you guys come on over with us to the new place, and hopefully we are a little more logical than those other folks. 😉


  2. Johnny (Kag!) says:

    On an entirely different note… I was bored and I clicked the “bigger font” button at the top of the screen about 100 times. I don’t think it ever stops getting bigger. I think I’ll take that as a challenge though, I’ll let you know how it goes tonight.

    Randomness for the day is now over ok.

  3. Kim says:

    OMG! My imaginary friend commented on my blog! (You have no idea how excited I get about comments on my blog, btw. Imagine a bouncing gnome on crack shouting Hooray over and over and over — that’s what I’m doing on the inside. I’m at work and would probably get fired if that’s what I was doing for real)

    and, Heehee! I’ve never played with the increase font size button. That’s a fun game.

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