Two Babies and a Bargain

I’m an aunt! whee! My niece was born last night and I hear that she is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I am the bad child that moved far, far away from home, so I didn’t get to be there with the rest of the family to welcome her into the world. But I can’t wait to start spoiling her to make up for living so far away. =) Poor Grandpa (my Dad) was on a business trip, so he didn’t get to be there either, but I hear that he will be there soon to start doting on his first grandchild. Lucky kid.

So, you’re probably wondering about the second baby and the bargain (or maybe not. if you’re not, just humor me, ok?), right? Well, last week we were taking care of a baby at our house – a baby dog. A super-energetic puppy named Watson entertained and exhausted us while his parents were out of town. Mom has been bugging me to post pictures, but I refuse to post pictures until someone sends me some pictures of my brother’s kid! (wow, my brother is a dad! we’re getting old…) I know, it’s a crappy bargain, but it’s all I have. And I would really like to have some pictures of this beautiful niece of mine.

I wish I could be there to meet her and hold her and hug everyone. Congratulations, Big Brother and his Lovely Wife!

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  1. Mom says:

    Ok, you have the pictures now I want to see the dog!! She is almost the most beautiful baby that was ever born – the exception of course are my own children. She looks a lot like you and Jason when you were babies. She has a little more hair.

    They used her in the hospital in the “baby bathing class” I guess she screamed the whole time and it was upsetting Jason a little. The nurse gave her the curl on the top – picture with dad. It is so cute and stayed there all day. Her hair is very pretty.

    I will watch for the dog pictures.

    Love, MOM

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