Time for a nap

This crappy time change has all of us at work yawning through the days and whining about being tired, but wow, this afternoon was the best!

My co-worker and I got on the freight elevator, pushed the button for the top floor and each leaned up against a wall, yawning (and me whining; co-worker doesn’t whine. ever. she must be some sort of a saint.). People got on and off and so on until finally the last person got off and the elevator doors closed. And nothing. We weren’t moving. Still yawning, but the elevator was no longer going anywhere. and suddenly I realized… We were at the top floor. The man that rode the elevator all the way upstairs with us had gotten off on the top floor and we had just leaned there, not moving. Thank goodness we figured out the mystery before the elevator decided it had better places to be.

But wait, it gets better. Thirty minutes later, when we got back on the elevator to go downstairs, guess who got on the elevator with us? That’s right. The man who knew that we failed to realize the elevator had delivered us to our destination. He remembered us; I could tell by the way he smirked at us.

I blame daylight savings time. and the tragic absence of Nap Time at my workplace.

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One Response to Time for a nap

  1. Mom says:

    People that take naps work harder and get more done. It is proven fact. But, I don’t know what company is going to put a nap room in their building. Facts are there but I doubt that anything is going to happen as a result. SORRY!! Next time get on the elevator and push the stop button and have a nap!!

    Love, MOM

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