Get thee to the Bunnery!

Last weekend we had a romantic weekend away in the cities near where we live. I know, silly to stay in a hotel when home is within an easy drive’s distance, but you know what? We don’t have a whirlpool tub in our bathroom, there’s no king size bed in our bedroom, and the Bunnery is much too far away from our house to just stop by on a whim.

What is the Bunnery, you ask? Only the most lovely bakery in all of Creation. seriously. all. of. creation. Giant, hot, cinnamon buns, fresh out of the oven, not to mention the tub of frosting that one is welcome to slather all over one’s cinnamon buns until one’s brain says, “OMG! NO MORE SUGAR! YOU WILL DIE FROM THE SUGAR” (and then one puts an additional final scoop on top). Too bad their coffee is not so fabulous. No matter, the buns are to die for. Back when I lived in the city, I used to walk around the lake and stop at the Bunnery for my cinnamon and sugar fix. Sometimes we would have Bunnery buns at the office for a special treat. (If you get buns to go, they give you coffee cups full of frosting.)

Anyway. We also had a lovely dinner out in a fancy restaurant. I wore a dress for only the 2nd time in maybe more than a year… On Sunday morning before the bakery, we went to church at the church where we were married 3 years and several months ago. I love that church. Beautiful stained glass windows, giant pipe organ and an amazing choir (the choir director is also the director of the SmallishCityWhereWeLive Orchestra). Not to mention, it is a church that is actively involved in the community and there are 4 (maybe 5 now?) wonderful pastors. Our current church is in between pastors and it has been difficult to convince ourselves to get out of bed to get ready for church. I wish we lived close enough to keep going to the ChurchWhereWeWereMarried.

I miss my old city. I only lived there for three years, but I really loved living there, and I have so many great memories. Mike bought me Bunnery Buns to bring home, so all this week I have been starting my mornings off with a bit of reminiscing. *sigh*

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  1. Mom says:

    Your little slippers are very cute – I want some! Where do I go to get some? They are good packing slippers for when you go away. I do go away quite often in “car” season. That is coming up quickly and I can take them when I go to visit a baby.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Love MOM

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