Things I have learned recently

(That’s right, I’m going to be lame and post random things in a list, cause I haven’t felt like writing lately, but I feel badly for neglecting the blog)

* High school kids still scare me, even though it has been 10 years since I was in high school.
* Dry ice closed in a small, plastic container makes an awesome bang.
* Dropping those small containers of dry ice in a coworkers lab coat will result in hilarity (and occasional dirty looks).
* Meeting people in real life that you have only previously met online doesn’t always result in bad things that could be reported on the nightly news. Sometimes you even get to go ice skating and have a really fun time. (I meant to get a screenshot of Annoden and Marindra online together, but I didn’t. maybe tomorrow.)


* Little kids on ice are adorable, even if they aren’t wearing skates. The ones that are about a foot tall and wearing hockey gear are even more adorable, but you have to watch out ’cause they’re FAST!


* Moving to a new house is a pain. Moving on a day where the high temperature is -5 degrees Fahrenheit is painful. (We didn’t move; we were just helping some friends. And it was fun once we were warm and their new house is gorgeous, even if it is out in the middle of nowhere.)
* Naps are better when there is at least one dog present. (ok, so I have known this for a while, but I needed an excuse to post this picture.)


* I need to think more highly of myself. Life would be easier if I believed that I was smarter, prettier, more whatever than I actually am. Self-evaluations at work would feel a lot less like lying and a lot more like I was just stating the facts.
* Avocados should be really squishy when you buy them if you plan on trying to make guacamole less than a week from date of purchase. Alternatively, you can always send your husband out to Chipotle to buy the guacamole, since they make the best.

That’s all I’ve got right now. I know there were other things that I wanted to write about and rant about, but I’ve been a lazy blogger recently. too bad for you!

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