New Pet!

on my game; not in my house. =)

The expansion to that game we play online came out today. Since the servers keep crashing, I decided to blog instead of fighting to get anything done online. Mike braved the ridiculously cold weather to stand in line at our local electronics store so he could buy me the collector’s edition of the game. It comes with a mouse pad, a hard cover book of the game art, a map and some silly card game. Turns out I didn’t actually care about getting any of those things; I just wanted the special pet for all of my little characters.

Meet the Netherwhelp!


Who knew that online photography was nearly as difficult as in real life? First I couldn’t get Netherwhelp to turn around and face the camera, then I couldn’t snap the picture when his wings were cutely raised, and then,


Marindra kept ruining the shot by blinking. Gah! (my life is so hard)

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  1. Mom says:

    Is that really a pet? Guess you don’t have to feed it or put it outside!!

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