Pictures I’ve been meaning to post…

There isn’t really any good way to organize this post into a funny story or interesting anecdote, so here are a pile of pictures that I have taken that I keep meaning to put up on the blog… I can’t remember how Tony told me to link to a bigger version of the picture, so what you see is what you get; sorry!

Here are some from Brian and Meaghan’s wedding, which was a month ago now. (I’m a little slow)

The Cake (super delicious! I love cake.)
and yes…

Cake Top
those are squirrels! fun!

Our table was chock full of babies. Here are Isaac and Kaelin fighting to the death (there’s some sort of running joke about mortal enemies… Tony will have to explain that one, or maybe that was the whole joke?)

Isaac and Kaelin
(I wonder why this one got blurry when I resized it? I’m still learning… maybe I’ll fix that later if I can figure out what went wrong.

Mike and I borrowed Isaac for a while so that we didn’t feel so left out.

Borrowed Baby

Ok, so I borrowed Isaac cause I like babies, and Mike agreed to have his picture taken with us.

Here are Tony and Isaac and Kaelin and me (did I mention that our table was chock full of babies and I like babies?) Notice the chocolate fountain lurking just behind us — Meaghan is a good friend to seat me so close to such an oasis of yumminess.

Babies and Acorn at Wedding

Isaac was the big Party Pooper of the evening.

Party Pooper

That kid can sleep through anything! I wonder when that ability wears off…

Here are the happy bride and groom (surrounded by candles that they made for the centerpieces — there were A LOT of candles; it was a fun idea and quite pretty)

Brian and Meaghan wedding

And, as promised, here are a couple of pictures of our house. They were taken in the summer during our nasty hot and dry spell, so the lawn looks awful. It’s nice and green now (and at the moment covered in leaves, though I am sure something will have to be done about that this weekend. I can’t wait.).
New House

House Picture

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2 Responses to Pictures I’ve been meaning to post…

  1. Tim says:

    That’s a nice lookin house. Your taste in “which pics of friends to put up” needs a little help though. Or was it the bride’s idea to put a pic up of her where she appears to be either sneezing or screaming? I do like the new theme. Especially your menus up top and the fancy mouse-over effects. So much fancier than my site. You must have a tech friend who’s not lazy.

  2. Kim says:

    One thing that I should have mentioned about Meaghan is that she is not willing to have her picture taken like a “normal person”. I consider myself pretty normal, and when someone points a camera at me, I either get out of the way, or, if getting out of the way is impossible, I smile and try to look pretty. Meaghan, not so much. She makes funny faces or poses funny. I tried for a good portion of the evening to take a “normal” smiling picture of the happy couple, but someone wasn’t cooperating. =) I should probably post one of the ceremony pictures where she didn’t realize I was taking a picture and therefore couldn’t prepare…

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