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Things I want to remember

There are so many things about you that I want to be sure I don’t forget, Mr. Baby. Like all the silly nicknames that we use for you that have made it hard to see you as Nathan and not … Continue reading

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New year, new hair

I got tired of my hair. This morning I paid someone to do something about it. I am quite pleased with the results. We’ll see if I still like it tomorrow after I haven’t spent 15 minutes straightening it.

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Holiday photos (yes, I did finally add more pictures to this post)

My brother and I with our beautiful children More pictures to follow… ******* More pictures!!! Though I still haven’t gotten all of the pictures off of my camera. Here are some from Dad’s.***** Every baby should have a Christmas tree … Continue reading

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A somewhat tardy update about my future

The “interview” was actually nearly as incredibly long as predicted and would have been exactly as long as predicted if someone hadn’t been out sick. Fortunately they spent more time selling the program to me than asking me to sell … Continue reading

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