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I’m new to the whole infant napping thing, so I have a question or two about the process. Is it ever ok (or a good idea) to wake the sleeping infant? Say, after said baby has been asleep for 2 … Continue reading

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I miss my online friends. I actually had some time to play this weekend, but it’s not the same now that we’re scattered over a few servers and several guilds. I found a heap of screenshots, but wow, I’m worse … Continue reading

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it’s a sad little number. way too small, really. that’s the number of days before I have to give up all of the things that I have been complaining about and head back to the things that I used to … Continue reading

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Guess who was in his crib asleep by 7:30pm tonight? That’s right! It’s this little cutie! So why am I not downstairs logged on to WoW, getting reacquainted with my little mage? Because I was sure that he would be … Continue reading

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Why don’t they come with instructions?

I went for a walk today. Dog and baby accompanied me. Along the way I mentally composed blog posts that I have been mentally working on for, well, about 9 weeks now. There’s the one that I am still determined … Continue reading

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