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An Extraordinary… what now?

Don’t look now, but Nathan is sleeping in his bouncy chair, the sprinkler man is gone, the heating guys and electrician finished installing the air exchanger and the dog is no longer attached to my foot (to keep her from … Continue reading

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On Monday I went in to see the doctor and demanded an alternative to the twice daily gauze packing. He stopped short of mocking me for waiting so long and agreed to stick needles full of lidocaine in me and … Continue reading

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And for my next trick…

I’m gonna win the lottery. That would be more fun and less painful. I found out last week that my C-section incision was infected, which they tell me happens in only 3-5% of cases. Yay me! Do you know what … Continue reading

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I should be sleeping…

but I think it’s about time that our exciting news makes it on the blog. Nathaniel James was born on July 5th at 6:01am. He weighed in at 8 lbs 4oz and was 19.5 inches long. We are slowly figuring … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for Law & Order

I have spent entirely too much time sitting on my couch in the last week and there is a lot of nothing on TV. Thank goodness that at nearly anytime of the day or night you are guaranteed to find … Continue reading

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