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the bananas, they have returned

Cause I can’t figure out how to get the other theme to work. And I have been wanting my blogroll/links list back and there was a request for it from someone who is not me, so I decided that until … Continue reading

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Proof of my fatness

My mom doesn’t believe that I have a beer belly, so here are a couple of pictures. I can’t wait until the belly stops being jiggly and starts looking like a pregnant belly. This stage is a bit awkward. Here’s … Continue reading

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Nerd humor

That is quite the long post down there, eh? Well, if you don’t feel like reading all of that, follow this link and listen to a great song. So funny! We’ve been laughing about it at work all week. Cause … Continue reading

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so far behind…

I have gotten so far behind on so many things that when I am home with nothing scheduled, all I want to do is watch TV or log on to see my friends in the computer. I haven’t finished fixing … Continue reading

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Starting off the new year right

Or not. I lost my employee ID badge and my annual bus pass this morning. I’m awesome. I climbed up onto the exam table at my doctor’s appointment this morning and the midwife pointed out that my badge holder seemed … Continue reading

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