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Oh my.

November is nearly over already. I’ve been home from vacation for a month and I still haven’t managed more than one post with pictures. I’m awesome. In fact, I haven’t had anything exciting to say here for a while. How … Continue reading

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Read this. I mean it. Do it now.

I would vote for anyone willing to stand up and say things like this. And then follow through with the plan. Why isn’t there anyone running for office willing to tell everyone that sometimes we have to do things that … Continue reading

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That’s one way to get rid of it

Yesterday afternoon I arrived home and was greeted by a frazzled-looking husband. “How was your afternoondoyouwanttoknowhowmyafternoonwas?” Slowly, bit by bit, I learned the dirty details. First, there was a dog. And there was a man. And there were three bags … Continue reading

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Some pictures

I have to admit, when Mike and I started discussing vacation spots, I really didn’t want to go to the UK. I wanted to go somewhere adventurous and a little more exotic. Mike seemed pretty excited about it, though, and … Continue reading

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I DO exist!

Hi! We’re back from vacation. This morning I copied all 147 pictures from my camera into my computer. This weekend while I am recovering from The Airplane Ick that I acquired on my transatlantic flight, I will try to work … Continue reading

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