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A wish

“Well, I’m going to wish for what is best for you. Whatever that is.” The words were there and gone in an instant, but they came back to me today and all day I have been attempting to wrap myself … Continue reading

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This morning on our way to get our morning dose of caffeine, I was accosted. It is not unusual to run into lost people needing to find something or confused people who don’t yet know that they are lost, however … Continue reading

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The Pretty, Pretty Princess is middle aged. She turned 4 yesterday. Presents? Plz? And all she got for her birthday were 3 rotten pears. She seemed to like them, but it seems a pretty poor present for such a fabulous … Continue reading

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Pretty new coat, pretty new hair

It is a beautiful day outside, and even though it was a little chilly at the farmer’s market this morning, my pretty new red coat kept me warm. See, even Penelope is in awe of it’s lovely red-ness. I’m not … Continue reading

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Not a good morning. I did get to cuddle with two dogs all night long, so that was good, but this morning after turning the alarm off (I don’t know where the snooze button is, that’s Mike’s job), I went … Continue reading

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