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Blogging Dilemma

Question: How do you write a blog post about being lonely when your friends read your blog? Answer: Turn off the comments and assume that your friends can handle your whining. After all, they’re your friends, they should be used … Continue reading

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And now for yet another reason

that I am an awesome wife — I took my husband to see the third Resident Evil movie. And I let him buy me popcorn. Oh, and I only kind of mocked him for trying the nasty movie theater concession … Continue reading

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Catching up with some pictures

Here’s the tree that doesn’t live in our backyard anymore. Next year I think we’ll have a little apple tree back there. And maybe even some grass now that there is some sun. Here are a few pictures from my … Continue reading

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So you want to be a hero

I’ve had the Hero’s Quest theme song stuck in my head all morning. I wish it would stop. It makes me want to go home and play computer games. Instead I have to go back to work. boo.

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The best news I’ve heard in a long while

I’m so excited about this. I haven’t been able to read Thomas Friedman’s column in two years! I’m going to be so much smarter and better informed now. Seriously, you have no idea how excited I was to read that … Continue reading

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