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I was reading my book on the bus today and I realized something — some of my favorite books are really depressing. I like books that are full of angst and whininess and crying. Of course, I like lots of … Continue reading

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Birthday Month Update

It’s been fabulous! So far it has been a two-cake birthday, which is, in itself, pretty fabulous. On my birthday I managed to not leave the house (one of my favorite weekend activities — I know, I’m lame). Basically, I … Continue reading

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overheard on the bus

Guy: I don’t want to drive straight down. I want to go through North Dakota, South Dakota… Chick: North Dakota? What’s in North Dakota? G: Yellowstone. The biggest f*&%ing volcano in the States! The thing is 10 f*&%ing miles across! … Continue reading

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If wishes were horses…

I would have one by now! There’s this tree in our backyard that I have hated since the day we moved in (or maybe even before that). It’s not very pretty, it’s in exactly the spot where I would like … Continue reading

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I’m not even 30…

and already I’m old and crotchety. The neighborhood kids have been running through our backyard all night long and I want to run outside and shake my fist at them. Mike thinks it’s hilarious. I keep waiting to see them … Continue reading

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