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Bus Stop Revelations

Talking to my co-worker, the nicest person in the entire world, who I have been trying to teach to be more assertive (she says I’m mean, I say I’m assertive) — Me: I think I need to spend some time … Continue reading

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New furniture!

There was a party at the Harris homestead last weekend, due to a surprising stretch of fabulous weather, some new outdoor furniture, and both sets of semi-out-of-town-friends being in town. Food was consumed, beverages were imbibed, and fun was had … Continue reading

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For Noventa

As requested, here is a picture of Marindra and Taran (known to the “real world” as Kim and Mike). Aren’t we cute? =)

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Oy! Again with the fighting!

Remember when I posted about my imaginary friends fighting? Well, it got better for a while and we had a grand ole time and made some good progress in our little game. But the drama returned. Or, more correctly, bubbled … Continue reading

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Sadness, with a surprising side of happy

I have heard very depressing rumors that one of my favorite shows is not coming back next season. I am sticking with “rumor” because there was no Series Finale, only a Season Finale, and I haven’t had the heart to … Continue reading

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