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I think I can hear them…

The polar bears crying, that is. I rode the bus today. That should make the polar bears happy, right? What if I tell you that I was the only person (other than the driver) on the bus. Then what do … Continue reading

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I blame my car keys.

I managed to lock myself out of the house on Monday. It was traumatic. I didn’t realize that I was keyless until I had gotten on the bus to go home. Then I noticed that my cell phone was dead. … Continue reading

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The fake links are gone!

Finally, after decades of directing people to 4 menus that never managed to exist, the placeholders Menu 1, Menu 2, Menu 3, and Menu 4 walked off the job today at the insistence of Mr. Delete Button. Sadly, the owner … Continue reading

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My imaginary friends are fighting…

Lately it seems that much of my life revolves around conflict and politics and maneuvering. Our little band of online buddies has been going through some growing pains. The game has changed and everyone is in a tizzy determining his … Continue reading

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Bloggy things

I keep promising myself that I am going to do more writing on this little blog ‘o mine. I actually am in the middle of writing a post, but I need to do a little censoring before I post it. … Continue reading

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