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New Pet!

on my game; not in my house. =) The expansion to that game we play online came out today. Since the servers keep crashing, I decided to blog instead of fighting to get anything done online. Mike braved the ridiculously … Continue reading

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Message to the Woman in the Dark Green Minivan

I pray that your children are safe at home when you finally rear-end someone due to your craptastic driving abilities. In case you didn’t notice, about 6 inches of snow accumulated on the ground last night and it’s been rather … Continue reading

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Sorry, we’re fresh out of cats.

First, a new reminder of this week’s glorious fake holiday. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program. There is a tragic shortage in Iowa. A shortage of cats. No joke! They have a shortage of cats! The reason that … Continue reading

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so I hear…

It is National Delurking Week! I’m not sure who decides such things, but who am I to argue with random holidays? =) Do it! In other news, I “babysat” tonight. I am not entirely sure that it really counts as … Continue reading

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Good book, BAD movie

Don’t waste money going to see Eragon. Maybe it’s worth renting. maybe. If you have read the book, then you really should not see the movie (unless you like to see good books ruined). They managed to eliminate everything that … Continue reading

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