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News! And Thanksgiving!

I got a B! And an A on the final. That’s the part I’m most excited about. The A, and of course, the fact that the class is finished. It’s all good. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We had a very Harris … Continue reading

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No news…

Except that I am DONE! I think the test went ok, but I won’t know until tomorrow sometime. The weekend was great — one and a half season’s of Battlestar Galactica, Chinese food, a fire in the fireplace, and computer … Continue reading

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are we there yet?

hee. I’m such a whiner. =) The final’s on Friday and I’m doing everything in my power to avoid studying! Woohoo for procrastination! And here is the news from the Harris Household (also known as… Random procrastinat-y things to talk … Continue reading

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The Comeback Kid

Test number two was last week, so there was much studying and fretting, and… It all paid off! I got an A! =) So I took the weekend off from studying and went to The Big City for my cousin’s … Continue reading

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