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WARNING! This post is full of whining and ridiculousness. I should have been studying, but instead I am whining. Stop reading now unless you want to be bombarded with my whining. You’ve been warned! 38 out of 50 possible points. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, PooSheep!

It’s Penelope’s birthday. She is three today! Now that we are back from our shopping trip to the pet store (she got two treats from the cashier in honor of her birthday), I thought I would post some pictures of … Continue reading

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My immune response may be adaptive, but I’m not sure I am…

Class started today. I am taking an introductory immunology course at the graduate school where I work. Yes, I am crazy. No, I am not crazy enough to be considering another degree. My BS in Animal Science is plenty right … Continue reading

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I have lots of ’em. I’d like for them to go away now. I stayed home from work yesterday and slept most of the day away. I felt pretty guilty about it, too. Why is that? I was SICK! I … Continue reading

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I’m a nerd.

Want to know why I haven’t been posting in a while? It’s cause I’m a big nerd. Work got busy and new tv started and most of all, my guild in that game that I play has been learning how … Continue reading

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