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I remember what I was going to write about! For my birthday, my fabulous workplace decided to give me a promotion!!! Well, really it was because they had a position open and they think I can handle the job, but … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Birthday Month!

I forgot what I was going to write in this post because I spent so much time trying to figure out how to write the title of the post. Which of the following are grammatically correct (if any): a- Bye, … Continue reading

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Poor piggy pooch

Poor, poor piggy pooch. Penelope’s Halloween costume arrived in the mail yesterday. She wanted to be a pig. So we went online and found the perfect costume. I ordered an XL size, the largest available size. Poor piggy; she is … Continue reading

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Quick Update

I have updated my Blogroll — yay, Veronica has a blog! — and I also added a new category. I started reading blogs last year when I didn’t have anything to do at work (that would be the job that … Continue reading

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Birthday Diving

First, a couple of pictures of Mike’s fish tank (the new, appropriately-sized one that lives in this house. Instead of the old, ridiculously-sized, 300-gallon one that resided at the old house.) The discuses were being camera shy, so the only … Continue reading

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