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Know what hurts?

Sunburnt ears. Things I have learned on vacation… 1) When driving on Antigua, it is not logical to think, “well, this intersection has a stoplight, so the cross street must be a big road, I’m sure it will take us … Continue reading

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ahhh, vacation. If you google “antigua villa sariel” you’ll see the awful conditions that we have been subjected to by my parents. =) We lead a sad, sad life. The pool is calling… must run. Scuba diving in a few … Continue reading

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Penelope Jane, R.N.

No, really! She’s an RN! We placed 4th in our Rally Novice class on Saturday, which means that she has had a qualifying score in three shows and she has earned her Rally Novice title. The AKC will then allow … Continue reading

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Popsicles, Pumpkin Seeds and Meatballs

So. It’s Lent. What are you giving up for Lent? Do you do that? Did you ever? I never understood the theory behind giving things up for Lent. I mean, I grasp the concept, but I don’t get it. My … Continue reading

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