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I love libraries

I found my new favorite place to be — the library at work. It is in a building that I had heard about but had never had a reason to go to before. Not sure why, but the whole building … Continue reading

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Proof that I’m getting older

We had carpet installed in the basement today. The carpet installers… they’re 12, maybe 14. Or I’m getting older. hard to say, really, but I guess at least one of them did have to drive to get here…

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Bad blogger, bad!

I have nothing to say. That’s why I haven’t been posting. Nothing is happening that is blog-worthy. And I’m too lazy to post the basement update. Oh, did I say “update”, I guess to have an update, you need to … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just a quick note to say Hi and I hope that you all had happy days. We stayed home and had Chinese takeout and played computer games. So romantic. =) (I got lots of bonus points for requesting Chinese food … Continue reading

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For Steve

Here are the pictures of what remains of the cake. I make a pretty mean cake from a box even if my decorating skills do leave a little to be desired. =) note the tube of icing with a picture … Continue reading

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