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A Day of Firsts

I won’t make any sort of claims about this being a funny or even very grammatically correct post, cause I am sick and want to get back to my couch. But here goes the recap of my Saturday of Firsts… … Continue reading

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Meet Nano…

He arrived on Friday and I was very excited about it. Nano even came to dinner with us so I could marvel at his shininess. =) I have been coveting (should that have 2 “t”s?) an iPod ever since I … Continue reading

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Message to Mom

=) Hi, Mom! I found your comments (the ones that were supposed to be in response to my name-spelling post). They appeared attached to a different post. I’m still trying to figure out what you did and how to move … Continue reading

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Anybody here?

**EDIT** I had to turn off comments for this post. Sometime in February, the spammers discovered it and now they won’t go away! ** So apparently it was Delurking Week in the blog-world. I missed it. But it’s my blog … Continue reading

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I survived!

Two whole days of Orientation! I am all orientated now. Tomorrow I start the job. So far so good. I managed to ride the bus today and it works just as planned — picks me up in a convenient place, … Continue reading

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