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As promised…

Here are pictures of my parents’ holiday display. I wonder what it looks like today after the “Storm of the Century” (as my family has been calling it, though MSNBC called it merely “A Doozy of a Storm”). I wish … Continue reading

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Woohoo, we’re havin’ a heatwave!

It’s 15 degrees outside right now. Funny, but I actually thought to myself as I left work, “it’s not so bad out today”. How sad is it that 15 degrees = Not So Bad?!? Mom and Dad sent some pictures … Continue reading

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Ohmygoodness, It’s WINTER!

Thermometer reading on car dashboard at 7:45am: -6 at 4:15pm: 4 at 4:30pm: 3 Conclusions: Ohmygoodness, it’s cold here. also: I’m so glad I didn’t think to switch my car thermometer to Celcius “just for fun”. (I did make it … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree day!

and more snow. It’s the light and fluffy, pretty kind of snow. =) We got our Christmas tree today. Mike decided it was ok if we didn’t cut down our own this year. The pre-cut ones are way, way less … Continue reading

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Penelope? Penelope, who?

Bad Dog. What in your hairy, little brain decided that today was the day that you would be destructive? And why, oh why, did you choose the poor, defenseless coasters? What did they do to offend you today? Has the … Continue reading

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