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Merry Christmas to me!

Santa brought me a new job! Ok, so really, I got myself a new job with 6 long months of applications and rejection letters and finally an interview and an offer! I am incredibly excited about it. You may have … Continue reading

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It’s been a day…

I’m so very not in the holiday spirit. Every year, in fact, I get to be more and more of a grump about the holidays. I don’t even know what to write here that won’t make you all think I … Continue reading

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It just means she’s hungry…

Here I am writing on my blog and The Pretty, Pretty Princess is sitting next to me with her head in my lap, waggling cutely. And I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside cause my doggy loves me and missed … Continue reading

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Entirely Unproductive

Yesterday I decided it was going to be Shopping Day. I had finished all of the contemplation required to buy presents for my family and I had my little mental list all written, right down to the stores at the … Continue reading

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Three Dog Weekend

That pretty much says it all. Here are a couple of pictures that will show you how our weekend went… Sometimes it’s fun to have extra dogs. I kind of like having three dogs. For a weekend. Cause, wow, that’s … Continue reading

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