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Lights! Everywhere!

But not at our house. hee. So, do you know what happens when you arrive home from 4 hours of driving, 4 hours of Thanksgiving with the In-Laws, followed by 4 more hours of driving? That’s right. You decide not … Continue reading

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Second Anniversary!

We celebrated our second anniversary recently. There are a few traditions on the anniversary of our wedding. First, Mike’s work gets super busy and our weekends seem to fill up as well. As a result, we decide that there isn’t … Continue reading

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Let it snow, let it snow…

It’s snowing! ok, well, it was snowing. And it is going to snow more. I am glad. I don’t like it when it is always cold, but never snowing. That’s almost as bad as “always winter, but never Christmas”. Anyone … Continue reading

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Pretty, Pretty Princess

Her debut was all I could have hoped for! (except for the part where she still refuses to sit on the Horrid Bed) Anyone who knows Penelope should know by now that she is the biggest baby of a dog … Continue reading

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Isn’t my blog pretty?

=) I have to find a cute Penelope picture to replace Random Beach Dog, but still. I like the new theme. Thanks for fixing it, Tim. Tomorrow’s the big day! Penelope has her very first obedience competition. (You can read … Continue reading

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