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as you demanded…

here’s an update. But it’s going to be quick, cause I’m sleepy. The short version — Our friends Brian and Meaghan are married. The wedding was unique (in the good sense of the word, not the way Minnesotans use it) … Continue reading

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ahhh, the life of a blogger.

I got an email from my very first Blog Critic today. Thanks, Mom. =) (that should be read with 60% sarcasm and 40% thankfulness that Mom pointed out something I should have noticed.) Turns out that Internet Explorer is stupid. … Continue reading

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A week from today is Closing Day. In one week we will own two houses. That’s frightening to me. Until not quite two years ago, I had never owned one house and I wasn’t really looking for that much responsibility. … Continue reading

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Ya know, it’s strange. As soon as I started thinking how fun it would be to have my own blog, there were at least a couple of things everyday that I thought would be interesting and funny to talk about … Continue reading

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Fun Pictures

I was going through some pictures and I had to post some. When you have a 2-year old mastiff, it’s easy to forget how little she used to be. This is Penelope and I napping on the tiny little couch … Continue reading

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