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yes, we still play computer games. all the time.


I miss my online friends. I actually had some time to play this weekend, but it’s not the same now that we’re scattered over a few servers and several guilds. I found a heap of screenshots, but wow, I’m worse … Continue reading

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I have a Fun Pass this weekend! For those of you who don’t know, that means that Mike will be out of town and I get to do whatever I want all weekend long! (as if having him around has … Continue reading

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so far behind…

I have gotten so far behind on so many things that when I am home with nothing scheduled, all I want to do is watch TV or log on to see my friends in the computer. I haven’t finished fixing … Continue reading

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for someone with lots of opinions…

I sure have been quiet recently, haven’t I? Life has been pretty good recently and I have been trying to un-hermit myself as much as possible. All of that will change this weekend, though, because I plan to spend all … Continue reading

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For Noventa

As requested, here is a picture of Marindra and Taran (known to the “real world” as Kim and Mike). Aren’t we cute? =)

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