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In case you don’t care about today’s other post…

Here’s a challenge. We’re getting a lab puppy in February. If all goes as planned, she will be a she and she will be a black, not chocolate or yellow. So what should we name her? Mike is voting for … Continue reading

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I think I have reached my limit. Too many things in my life are changing right now. Our day care providers are retiring and moving in three weeks. I go back to work in two weeks. My supervisor at work … Continue reading

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Welcome, Evan!

What, you think I should have written this a while ago? You mean, sometime a bit closer to March 3, 2011? Yeah, you’re probably right. Poor second child. He’ll probably never recover from this slight (or the raging case of … Continue reading

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A bit of snow

We had a bit of a storm this weekend. Here are the results… It looks like he is enjoying the sledding, but the secret is, he only likes it for a minute until he slides around on the sled and … Continue reading

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It’s a funny thing. This weekend a good friend and I took a road trip that we’d been talking about “forever”. On the way, we stopped in Ames and took a stroll around the Iowa State campus and I felt … Continue reading

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