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Piles of cousins! Hey, there’s one missing from that picture… Let’s try that again. Now, everyone in a line from smallest to tallest, ready, go! Not too bad, but not everyone was looking at the camera. Well, maybe if the … Continue reading

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Knock, knock

We’ve been working on knock knock jokes lately, but Nathan still doesn’t quite have the hang of it. Here are a couple of my favorites that he has shared recently… Knock, knock Who’s there? Boo Boo, who? Boo, orange you … Continue reading

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Hey. Looks like it’s Friday.

I did set the end of the week as a deadline for myself, and it’s not like The Sing-Off really requires all of my attention (yes, that did end earlier this week. I am WAY behind on my TV-watching this … Continue reading

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What? No posting?

Here’s an update for you. Remember July? Frankly, I’m struggling to remember details… August was pretty busy as well, what with all the birthday-month shenanigans and an increasingly mobile infant. (Not crawling, who would want to do that when rolling … Continue reading

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I just heard this conversation via baby monitor: Mike: You need clean sheets. Nathan: oh, are the cleaning ladies coming today? Maybe it’s time for me to start doing my own household chores again.

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