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It’s alive!!!

I got a video camera thingy for Christmas and I’ve been filling it up with cute videos, but I’ve been too lazy to put them on the computer. =) I finally did it! And I even figured out how to … Continue reading

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Picture Update

For now, it’s all I have time for. Puppy! Thank goodness she also naps! Hey, look who’s almost one!

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Lindiana Joan

Lindy’s here. She’s cute. And she’s destructive. It’s like having a second toddler. I’m outnumbered!!! Don’t be fooled by her sleepy appearance. She’s just recharging for more trouble! She loves her boys, but they move too fast to get a … Continue reading

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In case you don’t care about today’s other post…

Here’s a challenge. We’re getting a lab puppy in February. If all goes as planned, she will be a she and she will be a black, not chocolate or yellow. So what should we name her? Mike is voting for … Continue reading

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Stuff and Things

Here are a couple of pictures of the new dog. Nathan thought it was fun to feed Gus his dinner piece by piece. Gus was incredibly tolerant, considering Nathan was carrying about 5 pieces of dog food at a time … Continue reading

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