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Another new adventure

The new job is going great. I never imagined when I started school a little over a year ago that I would end up working pretty much across the hall from my old job with pretty much the same “feel” … Continue reading

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A new adventure

Today was my last day of freedom. Tomorrow I have to set my alarm and get on the bus again. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I am starting my new job tomorrow. It is good news. … Continue reading

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Getting there (for real this time)

13 days of classes left! with two weeks of vacation coming up in 3 days! Soon and very soon I will have a new normal that does not involve hours and hours and hours of studying each week. I think … Continue reading

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Getting there

I usually feel pretty guilty when I neglect the blog for such a long time. Currently, it is making me happy to see how much time has passed since my last post because it means that the end of classes … Continue reading

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Germ Factory

Two weeks ago a plague descending upon the Harris Household. Nathan brought home some conjunctivitis. Mike was spared, but I got it. Both eyes. No school (or work) for one week. That is a lot of school and work to … Continue reading

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