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A test and a challenge

Anyone still reading? I know that I don’t post often anymore, but I hope someone is still out there because I need some help. Mike and I cannot agree on what to name Baby Boy Harris #2. Mike is leaning … Continue reading

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Another new adventure

The new job is going great. I never imagined when I started school a little over a year ago that I would end up working pretty much across the hall from my old job with pretty much the same “feel” … Continue reading

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I should be sleeping…

but I think it’s about time that our exciting news makes it on the blog. Nathaniel James was born on July 5th at 6:01am. He weighed in at 8 lbs 4oz and was 19.5 inches long. We are slowly figuring … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for Law & Order

I have spent entirely too much time sitting on my couch in the last week and there is a lot of nothing on TV. Thank goodness that at nearly anytime of the day or night you are guaranteed to find … Continue reading

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Still no baby. But the non-stress test confirmed that the kid is kicking around quite happily in there, completely oblivious to the useless contractions that I am having every several minutes. The ultrasound confirmed that baby is head down, face … Continue reading

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