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A few little things…

There are a few things that have been bothering me lately. First, the word is “moot“, not “mute”. Not even close. (Also, check the link there, since I’m fairly certain that none of you who have been saying “mute” even … Continue reading

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it’s a sad little number. way too small, really. that’s the number of days before I have to give up all of the things that I have been complaining about and head back to the things that I used to … Continue reading

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Guess who was in his crib asleep by 7:30pm tonight? That’s right! It’s this little cutie! So why am I not downstairs logged on to WoW, getting reacquainted with my little mage? Because I was sure that he would be … Continue reading

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Four Days

My official due date is in four days. I am sad to say that I am still pregnant, and I am no longer feeling good about that. I am uncomfortable and whiny. And I don’t want to work anymore. Remind … Continue reading

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Why can’t Christmas be more like Thanksgiving?

It’s no secret to anyone who has been around me during the Holiday Season that I have issues with the excessive present-giving involved with American Christmas traditions, and it’s only getting worse as the years go on. Mostly because people … Continue reading

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