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Piles of cousins! Hey, there’s one missing from that picture… Let’s try that again. Now, everyone in a line from smallest to tallest, ready, go! Not too bad, but not everyone was looking at the camera. Well, maybe if the … Continue reading

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My summer vacation

Why yes, Mother, I am quite enjoying the journey on this amazing flying contraption! I am, however, not so sure about this hot tub. Grandpa sure has some great cars, though! I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drive … Continue reading

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Good times

My cousin got married this past weekend, so I got to spend my very first Mother’s Day in The Big City (not the one closest to here, the one that is a bit of a drive away, but still to … Continue reading

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Holiday photos (yes, I did finally add more pictures to this post)

My brother and I with our beautiful children More pictures to follow… ******* More pictures!!! Though I still haven’t gotten all of the pictures off of my camera. Here are some from Dad’s.***** Every baby should have a Christmas tree … Continue reading

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Out of the blue this morning, I was reminded of Wales. I was just standing at the bus stop wondering if I had somehow managed to not hear the bus drive by while I was dropping Nathan off at daycare, … Continue reading

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