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My Mom is the Coolest. Ever.

Look what she made for me… Thanks, Mom! It fits perfectly. (sorry, I didn’t iron it before I tried it on and made Mike take my picture.) Now I need to go shopping for a shirt that looks fabulous with … Continue reading

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Jen? are you out there?

Hi! I sent an email, but I haven’t heard back, so I am going to use my blog as a message board again. =) sorry, everyone else. Do you still check your gmail account? Cause that’s the one that I … Continue reading

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Penelope Jane, R.N.

No, really! She’s an RN! We placed 4th in our Rally Novice class on Saturday, which means that she has had a qualifying score in three shows and she has earned her Rally Novice title. The AKC will then allow … Continue reading

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Proof that I’m getting older

We had carpet installed in the basement today. The carpet installers… they’re 12, maybe 14. Or I’m getting older. hard to say, really, but I guess at least one of them did have to drive to get here…

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Anybody here?

**EDIT** I had to turn off comments for this post. Sometime in February, the spammers discovered it and now they won’t go away! ** So apparently it was Delurking Week in the blog-world. I missed it. But it’s my blog … Continue reading

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